5 Tips for Buying Truck Radiators Online

If you need a Chevy truck radiator or a Ford truck radiator, buying online can save you a lot of money if you do it right. It really all depends on who you talk to and what you know. So if your semi truck radiator repair is not holding up and you need to buy a truck radiator follow these top 5 tips for buying truck radiators online.

  1. Have your truck serial number handy and make sure you know the year, make and model of your truck.
  2. Try to find a radiator number on the truck radiator you are replacing.
  3. Ask for an online radiator picture with the specifications.
  4. Check your price including shipping.
  5. Ask about warranty and return options.

A truck serial number will provide most of the information you will need but make sure you also have all the information including make, model, engine size, and year. It is usually best to call the OEM dealer first and check price, availability and get the product OEM number if they will give it to you. If you do get the radiator number you can take that number and the other information above and easily find the right truck replacement radiator.

Once you have this information you can start making calls and check to see what your options are. The OEM dealer has a lot of advantages but one of them is usually not the price. You will probably find them higher than anyone else but it is an OEM radiator.

Finding truck radiators for sale online is easy and in some cases you can save hundreds of dollars. We will be going over some of the top suppliers for you to check in a future article but for now just know that the more calls you make the better your choices will be.

Always take a minute to match up the radiator you are buying with the one you have. Know where your radiator connections are, what kind of fittings it has and take a picture of it with your phone or make a sketch of it. Ask questions and check specs. The supplier you use should provide you with an online picture for you to match up with your truck radiator. Make sure you check all the sizes before ordering. Some radiators are very easy to buy online and all you may need is the OEM number. But that is not always the case, be prepared.

Once you find a great truck radiator price it will be time to ask about shipping and warranty. Shipping can be a problem and some will include free freight which is not really free but included in the price of the radiator. Always check warranty return costs and how they handle warranties. More on this potential big problem later.

So  gather your information, call the dealer, get the high price and then start checking. Make sure you call a couple of local radiator repair shops also as these guys are probably going to be your all around best bet. Give them the same information you gave the truck radiator suppliers online and look at all your options.

I am a strong believer in buying local if it makes sense and you will only know that if you do some homework. Do not wait until you radiator is completely junk to start doing all this. Most radiator leaks start slowly and you will have time to do some research before a total shutdown occurs. Remember, buying truck radiators online can save you a lot of money if you do it right.

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